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Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club is based in Union City in Obion County of Northwest Tennessee. The club name is derived from Reelfoot Lake which was formed by a series of earthquakes in late 1811 and early 1812. These earthquakes were so powerful, that they could be felt as far away as Washington, D.C. and Quebec, Canada. The end result was an 18,000 acre lake that serves as a state recreational facility today. See New Madrid Earthquake for more information.

Amateur Radio Today

Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club is affiliated with the American Radio Relay League and has the call sign K4RFT. The sparse "ham" population in this area has resulted in our having members from counties adjacent to or near Obion County. As we are located next to Kentucky, we often have members from southwest Kentucky visit and join the club.

We are a small group with growing enthusiasm and a desire to pass along the elements necessary to make new "hams". Membership is open to anyone expressing an interest in amateur radio. No license is required to become a member, although full voting privileges are reserved for members who are licensed amateur radio operators.

Virtually sitting atop of the New Madrid fault makes our primary interest emergency communications training. Lots of time is spent talking about emergency communication needs and capabilities in our communities. As part of our training, we participate in the annual Field Day operations to hone our emergency preparedness. Additionally, there is the weekly West Tennessee West Kentucky Emergency Net which meets on Sunday evenings at 9 PM on the local Union City WA4YGM repeater (146.70 / .10 MHz). Given today's world environment and the War on Terrorism, emergency communications is a necessary commodity and it is our goal to be an efficient part of that effort.

- -Glenn R. Snow, N4MJ - - President-Emeritus RARC

President's Memo

The Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club is a diverse group of individuals who are interested in people in general, and other “hams” specifically.  We have in our Club some of the most avid DX (long distance communication) operators anywhere. There are also several great Morse Code operators (some times referred to as “Charlie Whiskers” - long term for CW). Our Club has those who have earned their Extra Class license as well as some who have just gotten their Technician ticket. Additionally, some of our Club members have yet to take their first FCC exam.
Some of us are members of the Obion County Local Emergency Planning Commission that meets monthly.  Those members are part of the Office of Emergency Management in Obion County. We have a preparedness training net each Sunday evening at 9 PM called the West Tennessee/West Kentucky Emergency and Regional A.R.E.S (acronym for Amateur Radio Emergency Service) Net that meets on the WA4YGM repeater (see sidebar). We are ready to serve

We have various interests, but most of all we are people-oriented and would love to help you in anyway we could to achieve your communications goal.  Need help with license?  Let us help.  Come to our Club meeting (see sidebar as to place and time). You do not have to have a license to participate.  Peruse our website and see some of our past activities and present plans. Welcome to the Reelfoot Amateur Radio Club !

For more information, see the email and telephone information at the Contact Us page.

73, Harrell Davidson – WD4LAR, President RARC
 Licensed since 1967

- - March 4, 2017.


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